About Us

Hemanjali  Polymers  Pvt. Ltd. Is engaged in manufacturing of specialty chemicals in India since last 43 years & has been established throughout India through its sales channel in all major cities in India and also being recognized as a quality product manufacturer. With the world becoming one market, we now look forward to market our specialty product globally.

Company offer products & services in eight divisions.

1)    Textile Finishing Agent

2)    Textile Printing Binders

3)    Printing Additive

4)    Nonwoven Binder

5)    Adhesive

6)    Specialty Garment Printing Ink

7)    Plastisol Printing Ink

8)    Sizing Binder

These products caters to Textile, Lamination, Paper coating, Packaging  Stickers, Book Binding & Nonwoven Inds.

We are specialized in emulsion polymer through deep research to develop wide range of Industrial Emulsion, Binders Screen Printing Ink etc. Our products are based on specialty chemicals which plays important role in the client’s manufacturing process & upgrade their products. The customer and market need, coupled with forty three years of experience in Emulsion Polymer. Makes the company alert to any new challenge that have to be met.

For over forty three years now, the companies chemistry of success has been that of building relations with it’s dealers, it’s suppliers and it’s employees, that stands the test of time. Our Motto is We don’t want to build sales, we want to build relations.”